Borneo Hudoq Mask

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This Borneo Hudoq Mask is from the Bahau people, a Dayak sub-group, that lives in the Mahakam River region of Borneo.

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This Borneo Hudoq Mask is from the Bahau people, a Dayak sub-group, that lives in the Mahakam River region of Borneo. It is of light wood and represents a composite dragon-hornbill spirit. It would have been worn by a dancer at planting, harvest, and similar festivals. Young male dancers wearing such masks and cloaks would enter the village at important times connected with the rice growing cycle and would impersonate the spirits who have come down to earth to bless the harvest, a ritual known as the Hudoq. Apertures just below the mask’s ‘eyes’ allowed the dancer to see.

The mask has a protruding mouth from which two sets of fangs project. The ears are embellished with two sets of protruding ear ornaments. The eyes are black, semi-spherical, and bulging. And the prominent beak juts out almost horizontally.

The mask was worn by fitting the basket cap over the dancer’s head allowing the mask to hang down over the dancer’s face.

Base Material: Wood
Stand Material: Teak Wood
Product Type: Artwork
Finishes: Original
Size (LxWxH): 67 x 46 x 83 cm
Structure: Include with wooden stand
Country of Origin: Made in Indonesia

How to care for this Borneo Hudoq Mask?

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Dimensions45 × 27 × 55 cm


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