10 Tips on Decorating a House

Decorating a house is fun. It can revive the atmosphere at home and so it doesn’t look boring or monotonous. Here are 10 home decorating tips that can be practiced on weekends or on long holidays.

1. Pillow

Choose two pairs of pillows in different colors, patterns for additional accessories on the furniture. Because if it’s only a pair, it will look ‘less’.


2. Adjust the furniture to the size of the room

Small furniture will only make a room look small if the size of the room is large. So, if you have a large room, choose the appropriate furniture too.


3. Open cupboard

An open cupboard is certainly more attractive than a closed cupboard. But don’t forget to clean it often from dust.


4. Color

Colors on the wall can make a small room feel bigger. Colors such as navy blue, turquoise, beige (gray), gray and white, lime green, pastel colors.


5. Install Wallpaper

If you want a fast and not complicated one, you can install wallpaper to change the atmosphere of the room.

6. White is Eternal

You will never get bored with the white room because you can be creative with it.

7. Good Lighting

Natural lighting is better. However, if a room is not possible to get natural lighting, then use lamps as needed.

8. Using a minimalist sofa

Too many chairs and table legs can make the living room look ‘stiff’. A minimalist sofa without legs can make the room feel more modern. But there are no official rules that say that a guest room must have a sofa.

9. Gold and silver colors

Beberapa warna emas dalam ruangan dapat membuat sebuah ruang menjadi lebih hangat. Dan tidak ada salahnya warna emas berdampingan dengan warna silver.

10. Plants indoors

To avoid the impression of ‘cold’ and ‘quiet’, keep the plants in pots indoors.

Happy decorating!

Inspiration: http://fotorumahminimalis.com dan www.homify.co.id

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