Furniture Ideas for Hosting the Perfect Christmas!

We are now entering the final weeks of the long Christmas and New Year holidays. Are you planning to host a Christmas event this year? Are you excited? Or secretly kind of dreading it now you’ve signed up to host? Well, worry not. We’ve got some furniture ideas for hosting the perfect Christmas!

Furniture for Hosting the Perfect Christmas – Plenty of Space

Our first bit of advice is to make sure you’ve got plenty of space. Why? Because grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, and children will gather. And what if suddenly a neighbor or someone unexpected pops by?

Extending Dining Tables

An extended dining table is a great solution for saving space at Christmas dinner. No one likes to sit huddled together while enjoying a meal. At KALIUDA Gallery, you can order your own extended dining table, according to the required size, material, and budget. There are several examples of extending dining tables that we have produced:

DT 22-97 Extending Dining Table (open), Teak Wood, furniture supplier Bali, KALIUDA GalleryDT 20-66 Round Extending Dining Table Kaliuda Gallery - Supplier custom teak wood furniture & art online baliDT 18-26 Teak Wood - Supplier Jual Indoor Outdoor Furniture, Art, Balinese Home Decor Kaliuda Gallery, toko mebel Denpasar, Bali

Extra Chairs

After you make sure the dining table is enough for everyone, also make sure the chairs are. Of course, you don’t want your guests to sit on beer crates. Therefore we offer several collections of dining chairs:

Other Space-Saving Solutions

Use coffee tables, TV units, or console tables for extra serving space and free up the all-important eating room on the table! You can also double up on space by pushing 2 tables together, and using bench seats is a great way to get more bums around the table (especially for kids!)

CO 22-74 DK Koba Console Table - KALIUDA Gallery Supplier Furniture BaliCT 48 Custom Made Furniture Order Whitewash Teak Coffee Table by Kaliuda Gallery Bali via onlineCT 20-147 (90x90x46) Opium Coffee Table - Supplier Indoor Outdoor teak wood Furniture, Art, Balinese Home Decor Kaliuda Gallery, toko mebel online Denpasar, Bali

Hosting The Perfect Christmas – Take It Outdoors

Make the most of your outdoor space and expand your outdoor living space! If you have an outdoor room or conservatory, use it for entertainment. Rattan garden furniture + cozy blankets, Christmas lights, and a fireplace or several patio heaters = one cozy outdoor Christmas entertainment area. Our Balcony Rattan Set is perfect for outdoor entertainment/conservatories

Make A Statement With Your Furniture

OK, now that we’ve got you sorted with all the space-maximizing and space-saving ‘hacks’, let’s get into some of the more awesome ideas to really make your Christmas a hit. Here is some other high-impact furniture that will amaze your guests.

Teak Root Dining Table

You will get an elegant and luxurious impression from this Teak Root Dining Table. If you buy this, it is included with the round glass on the top. This table can be used as the center of attention.

DT 21-92 (132x132x79) Teak Root Dining Table - Kaliuda Gallery Furniture Bali

DT 21-92 (132x132x79) Teak Root Dining Table – Kaliuda Gallery Furniture Bali

Half-Circle Bar Table Sumba

You can use this semi-circular bar table and place it outside so that guests can chat casually while drinking their wine.

DT 20-71 Half-circle Bar table Sumba carving - Supplier Indoor Outdoor teak wood Furniture, Art, Balinese Home Decor Kaliuda Gallery, toko mebel online Denpasar, Bali

DT 20-71 Half-circle Bar table Sumba carving – Kaliuda Gallery Furniture Bali

Wood Tables – Rustic!

Wood tables offer a gorgeous rustic effect that can deliver that Christmas charm. They also go really well with our velvet dining chairs for a very on-trend luxurious look.

CH 22-154 (72x61x112 cm) Arm Lounge Chair Vintage - KALIUDA Gallery, Indonesian furnttureDT 22-98 Maura Dining Table - KALIUDA Gallery Wooden Furniture Bali

But What About The Decorations?!

We think the furniture ideas for hosting the perfect Christmas is pretty complete. But if you have other amazing ideas, please post your comments on this blog or tag us on our Social Media.

So what about the decorations? You can follow some of these White Christmas decorations from around the world or the Christmas Decoration Trends 2022 that we have summarized.

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