3 Tips Before Buying a Dining Table

Buying a dining table is not the same as buying clothes that can be done every month or year. A good dining table will last for years or even decades. If you are looking for the right dining table, it is very important to consider not only the budget but also the construction. For the style, it depends on the taste of each person.

KALIUDA Gallery will give 3 tips before buying a dining table:

  1. Measure your space
  2. Choose the right table shape
  3. Know your materials

Dining Table Buying Tip #1: Measure your space

The first thing you should do before buying a dining table is to measure the available space to put the dining table set. Measure the length and width of the room and subtract by 100 cm to provide enough space to move around the dining table and chairs. After that, think about how many seats you want. Because the size of a dining table with 4 chairs is definitely different from a dining table with 8 chairs.

Also, consider the concept of your dining room. Is it a closed dining area, connected to the kitchen, or an open concept? Knowing these things will help you create a furniture layout and arrangement that works for you.

Dining Table Buying Tip #2: Choose the right table shape

When choosing a dining table, the size and shape of the room will affect the shape of the dining table. Although this is not a standard rule, some forms of dining tables will suit the shape of a particular room.

Rectangular Dining Table

The general shape of the dining table that we often encounter is a rectangular shape. A rectangular dining table fits well with an elongated room because the linear design of the room makes it less cramped. You even get enough room to move around without a hitch. Standard size dining table with 4 chairs 60×120 cm. If possible, you can also choose an extending dining table.

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Square Dining Table

Like a rectangular dining table, as well as a box room will match a square dining table. The square dining table is ideal for small families, providing equal space for communication.

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Round Dining Table

A round dining table is a good choice if you are looking for a dining table that can fit many chairs without obstruction. The advantage of a round dining table also does not have sharp edges, so it is safe for children. If you have a square room, this round dining table can be a good choice.

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Oval Dining Table

For a rectangular room but don’t want to seem stiff with sharp corners, then you can choose an oval dining table. Or it could be a round dining table that extends into an oval dining table when opened. Usually, for an oval dining table with 4 chairs, the size is 90×120 cm.

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PS: Before you decide on the shape of the dining table, take some time to plan the layout of your furniture based on the size of the room. By sketching using a pen and paper, you’ll be able to see if the piece of furniture will fit in the room. This includes the number of chairs and space around the dining table.

Tips Before Buying a Dining Table #3: Know Your Materials

After knowing the size of the room and the right shape and how many chairs you need, the last tip before buying a dining table is to choose the material.

Wooden Dining Tables

The most common material for making furniture is wood. Likewise, most dining tables are made of wood because the quality can last for years. Apart from quality, styles and shapes that can be formed using wood can also be more diverse. If you choose to use wood, then the best dining table is made of teak wood. In terms of price, the price of a dining table made of wood is arguably more expensive than other materials.

DT 21-87 (132x80) Round Teak Dining Table - Kaliuda Gallery, furniture supplier Bali

DT 21-87 (132×80) Round Teak Dining Table

Marble Dining Tables

The material that is no less interesting to be used as a dining table is a marble. The marble dining table brings a luxurious and clean atmosphere to your dining room. This material is very popular for use in open-concept dining rooms or connected to the kitchen.

DT 21-77 DK (109x73cm) Round Green Marble-Teak Wood Dining Table - Kaliuda Gallery, home interior Bali

DT 21-77 DK (109x73cm) Round Green Marble-Teak Wood Dining Table

Glass Dining Tables

A glass dining table can give your dining room a spacious and airy feel. Usually, the glass used is transparent, but you can also use opaque/dark glass. This glass dining table is usually combined with wood or metal for the legs/structure.

DT 20-69 (d55x 91cm) Small Bar table - Supplier Indoor Outdoor teak wood Furniture, Art, Balinese Home Decor Kaliuda Gallery, toko mebel online Denpasar, Bali

DT 20-69 (d55x 91cm) Small Bar table

Metal Dining Tables

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, metal can also be a dining table material. But only as a support/dining table legs only. This is because metal is easily scratched and exposed to heat compared to other materials. The impression created by this metal is modern, contemporary, or rustic. Metal legs can be paired with wood, glass, or marble as the top.

[SOLD] DT 15-3 suar wood dining table Kaliuda Gallery - supplier furniture online, balinese home decor, antique, custom at Denpasar, Bali ship worldwide custom teak wood furniture

DT 15-3 suar wood dining table Kaliuda Gallery

After reading these 3 Tips Before Buying a Dining Table, have you made your choice? You can also consult about a custom dining table design and get a free quote from KALIUDA Gallery.

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