5 Sofas and Lounge Chairs That Are Guaranteed to Amaze Your Guests

The presence of a sofa in the living room is an absolute must. The main goal of the course is to provide a sense of comfort to the guests. However, it should also be remembered that the choice of the design and color of the sofa and lounge chairs is no less important because it can enhance the aesthetics of the living room. For example, you will need a luxurious sofa for a luxurious living room too. So, Kaliuda Gallery will recommend luxury sofa models and lounge chairs for your home with a touch of carvings and velvet.

So, what kind of luxury sofa and lounge chairs is that? For those of you who are still confused or are looking for a new luxury sofa and lounge chairs for the living room, first, check the recommendations from Kaliuda Gallery below. Guaranteed to amaze your guests when they visit!

5 Sofas and Lounge Chairs to Amaze Your Guests

  1. Classic Luxury Sofa
  2. Unique Luxury Telephone Sofa
  3. Luxury Eyecatching Corner Lounge Chair
  4. Classic Blue Lounge Chair
  5. Luxury Rocking Chair

1. Classic Luxury Sofa to amaze your guests

SF 22-87a DK (151x71x98 cm) Upholstery Sofa 3 SeaterSF 22-87a DK Classic luxury sofa model in emerald green velvet material | Source: KALIUDA Gallery Bali

The material that is most synonymous with luxury sofas is leather. However, you can also use velvet alternatives which are more affordable. This first recommendation comes from Kaliuda Gallery. It looks classic and can be used by a whole family and this comes with a set of 3 singles sofa.

Not only luxurious in terms of appearance, but this sofa also provides luxury in terms of use. On the right and left there are sturdy armrests with carvings.

Classic luxury sofa model in emerald green velvet material at KALIUDA Gallery Bali

Classic luxury sofa model in emerald green velvet material at KALIUDA Gallery Bali

2. Unique Luxury Telephone Sofa

Who said that fancy color is only gold? Bold colors like dark green can also look elegant and classy, ​​you know! In fact, the feel is like a luxurious sofa in a European castle. However, for the use of green, it would be nice if the luxury sofa was covered with a velvet fabric that matches the sofa like the product from Kaliuda below.

SF 22-88 DK (129x56x106 cm) Emerald Green Telephone Sofa Velvet Upholstery - KALIUDA Gallery Bali furniture

SF 22-88 DK Emerald Green Telephone Sofa | Source: KALIUDA Gallery Bali

Velvet fabric has shiny fibers, but is still comfortable when in direct contact with the skin. The stitching details with the tufted effect also add a luxurious impression to this sofa.

3. Luxury Eyecatching Corner Lounge Chair 

Owners of an empty living room, whether in a modern style or a Japanese style, can be happy because they can still use a luxurious lounge chair without worrying about disturbing the simple interior atmosphere. There is a luxurious lounge chair from Kaliuda Gallery which is covered with mixed fabric material and is definitely a must-have.

CH 22-154 (72x61x112 cm) Arm Lounge Chair Vintage - KALIUDA Gallery, Indonesian furntture

CH 22-154 Mixed Fabric Lounge Chair | Source: KALIUDA Gallery Bali

The legs use high-quality teak wood material that complements the luster of the sofa lining. The design is made with a back and armrests so it is more comfortable, especially for the corner living room area. This luxury sofa is also multifunctional because it is can be used in the foyer area too.

4. Classic Blue Lounge Chair

CH 22-155 (65x112x92 cm) Classic Blue Velvet Lounge Chair - KALIUDA Gallery, supplier furniture Bali

CH 22-155 Classic Blue Lounge Chair | Source: KALIUDA Gallery Bali

With just one touch, this luxurious lounge sofa from Kaliuda Gallery can instantly make you feel comfortable. The design is simple and looks classic with a dark blue velvet material. Very suitable for guests who are tired after driving long distances. Not only amazed, but guests will also feel pampered!

Luxurious sofas and lounge chairs do not always use expensive materials and have intricate details. There is a luxurious sofa and lounge chairs that are designed simply as presented by Kaliuda Gallery above these lounge chairs are Simple but can make guests immediately amazed when they set foot in the living room.

5. Luxury Rocking Chair

CH 22-153 (58x115x112 cm) Vintage Rocking Chair - KALIUDA Gallery, Indonesia supplier furniture

CH 22-153 Bold Luxurius red rocking chair with emerald green velvet | Source: KALIUDA Gallery Bali

The combination of red and emerald green with bold nuances makes this luxurious sofa also suitable to be placed in the Classic-style living room. There is no tacky impression, it gives a luxurious and unique feel. This rocking chair model is a rare model and will again become a trend in its time.

Those 5 luxurious sofas are guaranteed to amaze your guests. Adjust the shape, color, and size to the conditions of your living room, yes. Come on, find more quality luxury sofa and lounge chair models at Kaliuda Gallery!

If you are still in doubt or want to experience the material and comfort of a luxurious sofa directly, you can visit Kaliuda Gallery. At Kaliuda Gallery, you can experience easy and fun shopping! KALIUDA Gallery sells and manufactures furniture and home accessories to create a comfortable and aesthetic dwelling. In addition, you can also custom your dream home design inspiration, starting from interior design, kitchen sets, and other properties. You can make it all happen only through Kaliuda Gallery.


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