7 Idea of Design Wall Shelves Corner

Shelves in the house have a function as a place to put certain items to make the house look neat and organized. These shelves have various types and placements.

One type of shelf that is often found is a wall shelf. In addition to making the house look tidier, this wall shelf can also beautify a room. What needs to be considered in order to beautify the room with a wall shelf is to choose the design and shape of the shelf.

Usually, these wall shelves are used to store items such as books, trophy awards, lights or home decoration. Not infrequently the wall shelf is also placed in the corner of the room, especially for small houses.

Well, this time we will share the idea of design wall shelves corner of a different room and creative, as collected from Google.

1. Cool, right?

2. Simple and cute

3. Corner shelf

4. Wall shelves corner

5. You have a used pipe? Don’t throw it away!

6. Can also use waste wood

7. For your mini garden

Image: Google

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