8 Tricks to Refresh your Bedroom

Refreshing your bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive. Just making a few small changes can make a big difference.

Here are some quick tips to get you stared!

  • Change the wall print or hang personalized artwork.

  • Add some pillows or change the pillow casing with a bold pattern.
  • Lay down an interesting area rug.
  • Change your bed sheets for a fresh look.
  • Elevate the look with green plants, fresh or silk flowers.
  • Bring some furry throws, embroider fabrics for texture.
  • Update window treatment: new blinds or curtains.
  • Put in a new lamp. Bedsides lamps are particularly cozy and useful as well.

These are extremely easy steps to do and you don’t have to be a design wizard to be successful.

Article: https://www.decorium.com/blog/

Picture: Google – Pinterest

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