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Trembesi wood or Suar Wood is a typical type of wood from the tropics, especially Indonesia, which has a fairly good commercial value in the market. Usually, furniture made of tamarind wood has its own characteristics, which further emphasize the impression of sturdiness in its designSuar wood, also known as Samanea Saman, is one of the woods most often used to make furniture, such as tables, chairs, console tables, mirror frames, benches, and so on.

Suar wood dining table glossy finish - Kaliuda Gallery Bali

Suar wood dining table glossy finish | Source: Google

Suar wood has a height that can reach 25 m and a diameter of up to 40 cm. The habitat of flare wood is in fields and forests, some even growing along the highway. Because the cultivation of this wood is very easy and can be found almost anywhere, furniture made from flare wood is in great demand in Indonesia and internationally. Suar Wood has one thing in common with seashells. Just like every seashell has a different pattern, so does suar wood. The criss-cross nature of the grains brings about interesting designs and patterns on the wood. If you cut out a piece of suar wood ten different times, it’s highly likely that you’ll get ten different patterns. There is one more aspect to the natural patterns. It’s the color of the patterns, you get a dark brown finish, as well as a light brown. This is great for long tables in restaurants and offices because of the unique patterns which give a different feel to each table that breaks away monotony.

Suar wood long table - Kaliuda Gallery Bali

Suar wood long table | Source: Google

Suar wood has been widely used by several Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. Many people also recognize flare wood as one of the most durable and affordable woods. That is why Kaliuda Gallery Bali also chooses Suar Wood as one of the materials for making cheap furniture but still looks luxurious and elegant.

Advantages of Suar Wood:

  • The structure of the Suar tree is very hard and durable. 
  • Suar tops and furniture are very popular among customers looking for functional exoticism in their homes. 
  • Suar is a wood with exceptionally beautiful colors and a unique pore pattern with characteristic expressive contours. For this reason, most suar wood products are left in their natural coloring. 
  • The roots of the Suar tree are also valuable material in the furniture industry, which is due to their extraordinary, fine shape. This means that craftsmen and sculptors can be tempted to create such unusual handicrafts and sculptures inspired by their natural beauty.
  • Suar wood as a substitute for expensive woods.

Disadvantages of Suar Wood:

  • Highly need the drying process done correctly to prevent the wood from cracking.
  • Slabs that are thicker than 7cm are probably not dried properly.
How to care suar wood?


While Suar wood’s appealing finish is attractive to artisans and builders, its special grain texture makes it particularly suited for carving and an ideal choice for designer tables.  The wood does an incredible job at retaining moisture and not drying out, especially when it is properly taken care of. Herman Furniture makes certain that our Suar wood is of top quality and only requires basic maintenance (water and mild soap) to maintain its grandeur.

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