Designing the Minimalist House for New Families

The desire having occupancy itself is dreams every family, especially the newlyweds. Along with a population of rising, property values continue to soar, while the young people who began to settle down began rising. Currently, with a type 36, a new family calf stay comfortably provided seen design minimalism. Some following a thing to be observed in designing a tiny new home or reshuffled home for more comfortable.

Mapping needs

The key to designing house by mapping minimalism is living needs; do need a park? Do the living room and space families need to split? Do need a playground for children? Things it should be discussed before design a house with a designer the interior of which was also able to provide suggestions that design room becoming more efficient.

Selection Furniture

Once the room is designed in such a way, it’s a good selection of furniture also follows the minimalist style, that does not take place. Nowadays a lot of furniture that is multifunctional and practical, like a living room table has a drawer, a chair that can be folded, and a sofa that can become a bed. Selection of furniture materials are lightweight, as well as bright colors are also important in creating a minimalist home to be comfortable.


Harmonious atmosphere of the room with furniture selection greatly affects the mood of its occupants. Therefore, the use of wallpaper and wall paint matching the color of the furniture can be an option to make the room more appealing ambiance, the decor also supports such as rugs, lighting, and also a mirror that can give the impression of greater space. In order to see all points above and the accents and detail your house, demand or an interior designer as Uma Adi Selaras, can help you in consultation, design, and to development your house, so you can save a lot of time and energy. Make the ideal house for your new family be true!

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