10 White Christmas Decorations Around the World

It’s December! There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday season than by decorating your house with white Christmas decorations. From traditional snowmen to wreaths, here are some of our favorite white Christmas decorations around the world.

10 White Christmas Decorations Around the World


Nativity crib

Nativity Crib – Christmas Decoration | Source: Google

In France, a Nativity crib is often used to help decorate the house. French cribs have clay figures in them. Yule Logs made out of Cherry Wood are often burned in French homes. An old tradition is that the log was carried into the home on Christmas Eve and sprinkled with red wine to make the log smell nice when it was burning.[1]


Christmas Tree in Greenland

Christmas Tree in Greenland | Source: Google

Christmas Trees have to be imported because no trees grow as far north as Greenland. The trees are often imported from Denmark – Greenland has had a long historical connection with Denmark. The trees are decorated with candles, bright ornaments, and sometimes small versions of sealskin breeches known as kamiks. Trees are traditionally decorated on the evening of 23rd December. People who don’t use an imported tree might have a traditional driftwood tree decorated with heather.


Mexican Christmas decorations

Mexican Christmas Decorations | Source: Google

Mexican Christmas decorations reflect the colorful history of a rich culture. They are a wonderful way to honor the heritage and add a special flavor to the season. These decorations reflect the entire Mexican holiday season, beginning on December 3 with the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe and ending with the Day of Purification on February 2.


Christmas Desserts Bangalore

Christmas Desserts Bangalore | Source: Google

Instead of having traditional Christmas Trees, a banana or mango tree is decorated (or whatever tree people can find to decorate!). Sometimes people use mango leaves to decorate their homes.

In Southern India, Christians often put small oil-burning clay lamps on the flat roofs of their homes to show their neighbors that Jesus is the light of the world.


Opłatek or Christmas Wafer

Opłatek or Christmas Wafer | Source: Google

During Advent, people in Poland also prepare their houses for Christmas. There’s lots of cleaning and people wash their windows and clean their carpets very thoroughly. Everything must be clean for Christmas day!

Christmas Decoration in Poland

Christmas Decoration in Poland | Source: Google

Traditionally, the Christmas trees are decorated with glass baubles, garlands, and many homemade ornaments including painted eggshells, shiny red apples, walnuts, wrapped chocolate shapes, candles, etc. They are lit on Christmas Eve before Wigilia. At the top of each tree, there is a star or a glittering tree topper.



Russian Winter Festival at Hillwood Estate

Russian Winter Festival at Hillwood Estate | Source: Google

Christmas in Russia is normally celebrated on January 7th (only a few Catholics might celebrate it on the 25th of December). Russians decorate their homes with a Christmas tree and often put pine leaves on their front doors, and in the house. The Russian Christmas tree is usually taken down at the end of January after the feast day of the Baptism of Christ.


White Decoration for Christmas

White Decoration for Christmas | Source: Google

Some Australians hang wreaths on their front doors and some people will also go out to Christmas carols singing on Christmas Eve. People also decorate their houses and gardens with Christmas Trees and Christmas lights. Neighbors sometimes have little competition to see who has got the best light display. The neighbors often visit each other to look at the light displays at night. Sometimes the displays are put out as early as December 1st.


White Christmas Ornaments

White Christmas Ornaments | Source: Google

Canadians like to decorate their houses with Christmas Trees, lights, and other decorations. There are often Christmas stockings hung by the fireplace, ready for Santa!


Christmas Parol

Christmas Parol | Source: Google

They have their own Christmas traditions such as the ‘parol’, a bamboo pole, or a frame with a lighted star lantern. It’s traditionally made from bamboo strips and colored Japanese paper or cellophane paper and represents the star that guided the Wise Men. It is the most popular Christmas decoration in the Philippines.


The tallest living Christmas tree in Puncak, West Java

The tallest living Christmas tree in Puncak, West Java | Source: Google

Christmas trees in Indonesia are normally artificial ones made of plastic. Although less common, some people have real Pine trees to be decorated as Christmas trees. The biggest producer of ‘real’ trees is located in Puncak, West Java. Another special type of Christmas tree is made from chicken feathers – made by people in their homes on Bali island. These feather trees have been exported to different countries around the world.

So, which this year’s Christmas decorations would you like to imitate from which country? Tell us in a comment section.


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