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What material is made of glass? Glass is made from natural and abundant raw materials (sand, soda ash, and limestone) that are melted at very high temperatures to form a new material: glass. At high temperatures glass is structurally similar to liquids. However, at ambient temperature, it behaves like solids. Inspired by our latest “8 Furniture Materials”, in this article we’re going to discuss more glass material. 

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Glass Material

In general, glass is a hard and brittle substance that is usually transparent or translucent. It may be a fusion of sand, soda, lime, or other materials. The most common glass forming process heats the raw materials until they become molten liquid, then rapidly cools the material to create hardened glass. Relative to many other materials, glass possesses high hardness values. However, most types of glass tend to be naturally brittle, which makes them vulnerable to breakage or fracturing in applications where impacts, pressures, or stresses are present. In order to eliminate this inherent brittleness, engineers and manufacturers must thoroughly process glass according to optimal strengthening/tempering protocols.

Authentic Antique Mirror Cabinet 18th Century

Authentic Antique Mirror Cabinet 18th Century | Doc: Kaliuda Gallery

Glass is a very popular material when it comes to furniture, almost as popular as wood. It’s widely used in modern designs because of its simplicity, versatility, and capacity to look delicate and sophisticated without sacrificing durability and strength. The following examples illustrate each in their own way. Furniture glass provides amazing features like easy installation, minimal maintenance, and easy to clean. Glass adds a sophisticated look to the beauty of any furniture. The aim is to use furniture glass such that it can promote spaciousness and an airy feeling. Nowadays everyone prefers furniture glass which not only looks aesthetically superior but also provides scratch-resistant and high durable features.

Furniture glass is ideal for tabletops, partitions, coffee tables, etc. because it offers a clear look. Lacquered glass can provide a scratch-resistant surface with unrivaled longevity. Clear furniture glass is effectively used for kitchen cabinets, tabletops, glass shelves, partitions, etc. Furniture glass provides a great alternative to traditional furniture in oak or other wood. Furniture glass can add a dash of style and elegance to your kitchen space with stylish dining chairs to complement the look. Sleek lines and reflective surfaces of the furniture glass bring in a contemporary and airy feel with the light-weighted furniture. The use of frameless mirrors in foyers and bathrooms adds style and panache almost effortlessly. Shop your furniture and home decor at Kaliuda Gallery Bali for a more elegant and stylish furniture design to bring home. 

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