How to Take Care of Rare / Antique Collections

Collecting antiques has always been a rare hobby. Which means not everyone likes and collects antiques. How to take care of rare/antique collections? Therefore the information to take care of our precious antiques is limited. Because antiques also have their own ways to stay maintained. Before that, let’s find out what is the meaning of Antiques? Antiques mean 80 years until 100 years older and it is not mass-produced items and some people would consider 20 years older as vintage. Following this, Kaliuda Gallery Bali as the best teak wood furniture supplier and manufacturer that sells indoor and outdoor furniture providing home decor and antique primitive art will share tips on how to care for antique or rare collections. 

Care Instructions

If it’s old, it may be delicate but sooner or later even antiques need to be cleaned in some fashion. Cleaning may actually decrease the value of the item. Some collectors prefer to see an antique in its original glory rather than cleaned.

If you are certain that the article can be cleaned, as a first step, determine how to clean anything else made of the same materials. Then, before you go ahead, check out the condition of your item.

Look for wear on varnishes and finishes. If the underlying material is exposed, you have to modify your cleaning method. For example, if varnish has worn off a wood table, you’re essentially dealing with untreated wood, which is quite vulnerable. You need to re-varnish as quickly as possible to protect it. Alternatively, you may decide to get a professional refinish.

Always dry-dust first. A soft brush sweeps away dry deposits whilst light rubbing with a dry cloth picks up surface grease. This may be all that’s needed.

Be aware that dirt can hide scratches and dents in wood pieces. In the interest of overall appearance, you may decide to tolerate the deeper dirt and simply sweep up surface dust.

Avoid polishes that contain silicone. The shine they produce can look unnaturally modern on antique wood.

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