Living Room Layout Ideas

Hi! As usual, every Saturday Kaliuda Gallery will accompany your weekend with tips or information that certainly will be very interesting. That’s why you don’t want to miss this. After a few weeks, we have discussed the history of furniture, this time we want to share ideas for arranging the living room. So, please continue reading until the end. When the editorial team was looking for fresh ideas for blog material, we came across one of the posts on the forum.  Asking what to buy for the living room and what is the best layout. The following is the attached plan:

Living Room Layout by customer or client

Living Room Layout by customer or client

“Help! We bought a new home and we are trying to figure out what furniture to buy and what layout would work best. I was initially thinking of a floating couch with a TV along the long wall but unsure if there is enough room. Please note that the fireplace will not be in the place indicated, it was an option.”

For this reason, the Kaliuda Gallery Bali team tried to create a layout for the living room based on the existing plans. Here are the results for Living Room Layout Ideas:

Living Room Layout Ideas by Kaliuda Gallery Bali

Living Room Layout Ideas by Kaliuda Gallery Bali

Comfy sofa accompanied by two pcs of 3 drawers nightstand complete with lights as accents. A pair of patio sofas and a multi-purpose coffee table complete the design of this living room. The opposite is a short buffet for TV. In the corner, there is a corner shelf to put decorations on.

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