New Design – Furniture with Sumba Carvings

After about 2 years of the design process and 1.5 years consolidate ideas and concept including making it come true. In 2019 Kaliuda Gallery released a new design product with Sumba as the main theme.

Sumba is an island in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, which consists of four districts: West Sumba Regency, Southwest Sumba Regency, Central Sumba Regency, and East Sumba Regency.

The Sumba carving applied in furniture is inspired by the amazing motifs of Sumba woven fabric. Therefore, the first furniture in the world with Sumba carving is from Kaliuda Gallery.

Besides furniture, Kaliuda Gallery also made the first Chess with a story from Sumba, namely Pasola. For more information, please read Chess Sumba – Pasola

Check out our “Loura Collection“, the first teak wood furniture with Sumba carving.

If you are interested, you can visit Kaliuda Gallery or can ask a catalog and price list via email.


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