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What is Kaliuda Gallery?

Since 1983, Kaliuda Gallery has been established on the island of the Gods,  Bali. It focuses only on artworks such as antique ikat woven from all over Indonesia and also antique sculptures. In 1997, Kaliuda developed into Kaliuda Gallery where with a passion for interior design, we focused on the production of furniture and home décor that led to manufacturing and export-import. With 37 years of experience in this field Kaliuda Gallery has grown to supply high-quality furniture and home decoration and accessories all over the world. We are known to have specialized in solid teak wood and experience in producing and exporting various styles and designs of furniture to worldwide markets. Not limited to just teak, Kaliuda Gallery also supplies other common wood such as camelina, acacia, suar, mahogany, and many others.

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  1. What do Kaliuda Gallery make?
  2. Ethnic Weave
  3. Interior Design & Architecture
  4. Buying Agent & Sourcing
  5. How do you shop at Kaliuda Gallery?
Uma Adi Selaras, Design Interior and Architecture team at Kaliuda Gallery BaliSumba Ikat Woven at Kaliuda Gallery BaliSuar wood dining table, teak wood chair and antique carving cabinet at Kaliuda Gallery BaliScandinavian dressing table set and marble table at Kaliuda Gallery BaliJavanese puppet at Kaliuda Gallery Bali
Interior Kaliuda Gallery

What do Kaliuda Gallery make?

From custom/made to order furniture to knock down furniture we have it all. Don’t forget you can also explore the world of Indonesia’s ethnic art and curated antique collectible at Kaliuda Gallery Bali. We have also expanded our online shopping portal that is accessible to everyone. Simply search for to shop for our product online. Find yourself a various range of artwork, mirror, painting, bed, bench, poster bed, bookcase, bookshelf, buffet, credenza, cabinet, chair, chiffonier, coffee table, console, dining table, door, dressing, garden, handicraft, one wood thick, root, side table, sketsel, divider, sofa, stone, stool, vase flower, writing desk, wood carving, ceramic, porcelain and many more. Complete selection of styles ranges from modern to minimalist furniture. We have them all.

We are known to have specialized in solid teak wood and experience in producing and exporting various styles and designs of furniture to worldwide markets.

Ethnic Weave

In our gallery you will also find Indonesia Ethnic Weave from handmade Sumba ikat to original authentic Javanese batik. The founder herself appreciates and adores the process of every weave culture spread throughout Indonesia. We invite every one of you who also adore Indonesia Ethnic Ikat and weave.

Ethnic Woven (Wastra Nusantara) Kaliuda Gallery Bali
Ethnic Woven (Wastra Nusantara) Kaliuda Gallery Bali

On top of that, Kaliuda Gallery also acts as a platform for all individual artists throughout Indonesia. We begin this mission in early 2020. This year we are delighted to have Mr. Arya Trimni Putra’s painting in our Gallery. Arya Trimni Putra has broken the Muri record to paint 1000 abstract paintings on canvas continuously within 30days. All of his paintings are very spectacular, the pictures and colors look very lively on the canvas. Not only abstract painting but he also can paint with other styles as well. Not to mention every purchase will also come with a certificate from Mr. Arya Trimni Putra himself.

Arya Trimni Putra's Painting on Kaliuda Gallery Bali
Arya Trimni Putra’s Painting on Kaliuda Gallery Bali

Interior Design & Architect

Also another various service that we can offer at Kaliuda Bali is Interior Design & Home Decorator service which you can get an online or offline design consultation with our partner Uma Adi Selaras. Simply check their Instagram profile @umaadiselaras to find out more about them.

Buying Agent & Sourcing

Kaliuda Gallery also offers sourcing and buying agent service in Bali. Our trusted and experienced team will assist you to get what you need throughout Bali, Java, or any product that is made in Indonesia. We will provide complete service from handling your orders, do quality control, also negotiations, and payment including shipping. We are also able to work virtually with you via email and video conference to save you more time and money. Making everything extra efficient. Do use our service with confidence.

How do you shop at Kaliuda Gallery?

You can follow our social media for daily updates on Instagram and also don’t forget to like our Facebook and hit that follow button. We also recommend you to shop on our website and take advantage of our online promotion. Or if you are in Bali, you can visit our offline store at Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 107, Suwung Kauh, Pemogan, Denpasar, Bali – Indonesia. Feel free to visit our Gallery which is open from Monday to Saturday starting from 8 AM until 6 PM.


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