Storage Tips Inspired by Marie Kondo

During this pandemic, many friends and family have started working or studying from home. Who doesn’t know the language “WFH” which means “Work from home”. In this article, Kaliuda Gallery will share a few tips and tricks to make your home or private room more comfortable. Before we start, we want to ask if you know who’s Marie Kondo? Yes, who doesn’t know her? Marie Kondo or also known as Konmari is a Japanese spatial consultant, writer, and TV show broadcaster. Marie Kondo was also selected as one of the “100 most influential figures” according to Time magazine in 2015. Her book entitled “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” is a best-selling book that is so amazing because it really gives effect and changes to someone’s life. The principle of minimalist storage is not just arranging and tidying up space. Instead, change someone’s routine to be more productive. Without any further due, let’s immediately read the tips that we summarized from Marie Kondo.

Below some tips for decluttering and organizing inspired by Marie Kondo:

  1. Discard, be thankful, and then store 
  2. Maximize storage by re-using boxes
  3. Choose vertical storage method
  4. Clean up by category, not by location
  5. Address sentimental objects last

1. Discard, be thankful, and then store

Discard, be thankful, and then store - Storage Tips Inspired by Marie Kondo @ Kaliuda Gallery Bali
Before you can organize and store your items, you must first discard. The KonMari method has a very specific approach to discard things. Starting with removing everything out of your closets and drawers. That’s the first category and then the second category is all the books off your shelves and all the paperwork out of your desk and bins. Once you have a big pile, you will go through item-by-item and start to check items that bring you joy. The advice is simple, keep what brings you joy and get rid of everything else. Don’t let nostalgia cloud your judgment, instead find a way to consolidate them and before saying goodbye to items that do not spark joy to you make sure to thank them for serving its purpose. Marie Kondo says you need to say ‘thank you’ to every item as you throw it away. Show your respect to the item that has served you over the years. Remember the joy that the item brought you and then let go of it. Decide whether to donate it to someone who deserves it or throw it away in the trash can. 

2. Maximize storage by re-using boxes 

Maximize storage by re-using boxes - Storage Tips Inspired by Marie Kondo @ Kaliuda Gallery Bali
Let’s talk a little more about storage. As a true minimalist, we maximize our storage by using shoeboxes to compartmentalize drawers or place them on a shelf. People can usually solve their storage problems with things they already have. Try to reuse whatever is in your home instead of purchasing storage items. Don’t buy commercial storage items. Marie shares five criteria for the ideal storage container which are size, material, durability, ease of use, and attractiveness. There’s a distinct difference between decluttering and organizing. You should only proceed to buy storage bins and boxes to further organize your items once you have tidied up.

3. Choose vertical storage method

Choose vertical storage method - Storage Tips Inspired by Marie Kondo @ Kaliuda Gallery Bali
Stay away from piling things especially in drawers or around your workspace. Paper stacking is a big no. We live in a digital age where you don’t need physical documents. But If you do, then store them in a proper vertical file cabinet. Try to store all your items upright so that you can see them at a glance. 

4. Clean up by category not by location

Clean up by category not by location - Storage Tips Inspired by Marie Kondo @ Kaliuda Gallery Bali
Marie Kondo tips suggest that the best way to clean up is to categorize all the objects. For example, right now you probably have your clothes stacked in your closet and the drawers of your dresser and maybe elsewhere as well. That’s not a very effective organization tactic. Therefore, Marie has put this tip as a part of her KonMari checklist that says you should organize by category and not spread your objects over different locations. This way you save space and time by easy sorting items based on their types.

5. Address Sentimental Objects Last

Address Sentimental Objects Last - Storage Tips Inspired by Marie Kondo @ Kaliuda Gallery Bali
Marie Kondo recommends organizing sentimental objects last. Unless you have a deep emotional connection to all of your spatulas, decluttering your kitchen will be easy. Deciding which photos and decorations to keep? Not so much. For all of the sentimental objects in your home—family photos, heirlooms, gifts, children’s school projects, etc.—be sure to separate which of these will stay in your home from which will be placed into self-storage last. At this point, you’ll have practice with the KonMari Method, and you’ll be better equipped to handle the sentimental stuff.

Marie Kondo’s philosophy is simple and easy to follow. Decluttering may seem daunting at first but once you start, it’ll help you organize your house effectively in no time. And you’ll also start noticing the positive effects of these habits in other areas of your life. As a minimalist, Marie Kondo focuses heavily on discarding but she also has strong beliefs about storage. She wants people to keep the things that bring joy and to store them in a simple and intuitive way. Optimizing space by storing things in a way where you can visually see your entire collection in any category. KonMari method’s goal is to have people focus on the things that bring them joy in a way that is easy to maintain and manage.

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