The Right Lighting for Your Room

Every home needs the right amount of lighting. We all know how important lighting is to create a beautiful and functional space. The right lighting for your room can help to boost productivity and it can also make us feel relaxed and comfortable. KALIUDA Gallery also providing home decor and lighting. Lighting also affects how we perceive textures and colors, and manipulates the overall feel of a space. Maybe more than any other design element. Choosing the right lighting for different rooms in your home can be tough. It’s not just a simple task where you can just go and buy a light bulb. First, we have to know the basics. There are 4 different types of light:

  1. Ambient Lighting
  2. Task Lighting
  3. Accent Lighting
  4. Decorative Lighting

1. Ambient Lighting

Ambient light is typically seen as the starting point for space or a room. It makes up the “base” amount of light in a room. Ambient light can come from recessed downlights mounted in the ceiling, ceiling lights mounted to the surface of the ceiling, or table and floor lamps. The type of light source selected for ambient light depends on the type and use of the space or room. Living rooms and bedrooms may use soft white incandescents to achieve a warm even glow in the space. Fluorescent lights will achieve higher illumination levels in larger areas such as garages and utility rooms. 

The Right Lighting for Your Room - Ambient Lighting
The Right Lighting for Your Room – Ambient Lighting
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2. Task Lighting

Often task lighting refers to increasing illuminance to better accomplish a specific activity. The most important purpose of tas lighting in the office is not increasing illuminance, but improving contrast. Simple examples of task lighting are desk lamps, ceiling pendants, and appliance light are all good examples of task fixtures. A desk lamp in an office or a ceiling pendant above a breakfast bar can give the additional light needed to read a newspaper or magazine. 

The Right Lighting for Your Room - Task Lighting
The Right Lighting for Your Room – Task Lighting
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3. Accent Lighting

Through lighting, you have the ability to direct attention on the things you want people to notice in your home. Lighting can amp up visual drama like nothing else. Intended to highlight a specific object or area, accent lights are typically three times as bright as ambient lights. Accent lighting draws attention to a feature, such as artwork, furnishings or architectural details, converting them into vocal points. 

The Right Lighting for Your Room - Accent Lighting
The Right Lighting for Your Room – Accent Lighting
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4. Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is the fourth layer of interior illumination and simply put it is like jewelry for the home. It helps your space sparkle and shines. They’re also often used in place of a vanity bar of lights in the bathroom. With sconces, there’s no limit to what you can light or how the lighting will look. 

The Right Lighting for Your Room - Decorative Lighting
The Right Lighting for Your Room – Decorative Lighting
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Often, you’ll find that every room has at least two different types of lighting, but there are times when a room will have all four. Now that you know the types of lighting you can choose from, next, you will have to learn about the lighting options you have. Check out below there are also the right lighting categories for your room:


Sconces are always directly mounted on the wall. They can be hardwired into the wall, or a cord can hang down to be plugged in. Typically, wall sconces are purchased in pairs, each on either side of a mirror or a fireplace. Swing-arm sconces, on the other hand, are usually mounted by themselves as an accent light, bringing attention to a piece of art or a bookcase.

Flush Mounts & Semi-Flush Mounts

Both mounting lights are typically rooted in the ceiling, where they brighten the room and allow for extra walking space. In other words, they don’t take away from the room; the most they’ll hang away from the ceiling is approximately six to twelve inches.


Pendant lights are not like mounting lights, in that they do hang drastically low from the ceiling by a cord, chain, or wire of some sort. A pendant’s primary function is to act as a task light, hanging above a dining room table or a kitchen island. They do range in size.


Chandeliers can be referred to as a large lighting system, as it gives off more than one light source at a time. These lights are always suspended from the ceiling, and they can be functional or decorative depending on where you place them in the house.


You probably already have a floor lamp or a table lamp in your home, but if you don’t, it’s another option to add to your choices. Lamps don’t brighten an entire room, which makes them a perfect candidate for task light.

Here are some collections of lights in the Kaliuda Gallery that you can use in your room as ambient lighting, accent lighting, or decorative lighting.

Once you know the location, amount, and style of fixtures you need, you can round up your entire lighting scheme. The best tip we can give you is to take screenshots of potential lights and pull them onto a blank document to see them all at once. Think about how they are working together.

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