Tutorial How to Install Teak Doors from Kaliuda Gallery

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all doing well. In this article, we’re going to give you tips and tricks on How to Install teak doors from Kaliuda Gallery. Kaliuda Gallery as one of Bali’s furniture suppliers has a large collection of teak wood antique doors or more commonly known as “Pintu Gebyok”. Before explaining more about it, Do you know what “Gebyok Door”/”Pintu Gebyok” is? The Gebyok door was created to achieve practical, ethical, and aesthetic goals. Besides functioning as a buffer for the house,  the Gebyok door also has ethical values because the carving has a spiritual message from the design which shows the importance of living in harmony with nature. Until now, Gebyok has become one of Indonesia’s timeless cultural heritage. Gebyok door is full of metaphors and symbols of messages about the welfare of life.

Table of content:
1. How to install Gebyok Door
2. How to care for Gebyok doors?
3. The budget to buy a Gebyok door

White Mozaic Gebyok Door - Tutorial How to Install Teak Doors from Kaliuda Gallery

White Mozaic Gebyok Door – Customized Modern Gebyok Door at Kaliuda Gallery 

The Gebyok door is a type of door made from teak wood which consists of Javanese Carvings. This type of door can also be found in Bali with a slightly different characteristic compared to the Java type. The difference lies in the carving motifs that describe the characteristics of each culture. However, broadly speaking both have many similarities in the terms of material use, shape, size, and level of complexity in each carving and detail. In Kaliuda Gallery, we also produce Gebyok doors with Sumbanese carving. As a matter of fact, you can customize your door with us, choose your own carving and finishing for your door. In this article, we will discuss about Gebyok doors starting from how to install them which will be attached to this video below, how to care for them, and the budget needed if you want to buy a Gebyok door. 

White Teak Gebyok Door - Tutorial How to Install Teak Doors from Kaliuda Gallery

White Teak Antique Gebyok Door at Kaliuda Gallery 

How to install Gebyok doors?

Watch this video below

How to care for Gebyok doors?

  1. The cut-outs of the door should be cleaned with a small, soft-bristled brush. The sharp tip of the brush will maximize the dust between the engravings.
  2. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to get the most out of the dust and other dirt between the doors. 
  3. Immediately clean the stained part of the door with a microfiber cloth that has been moistened first. This is important so that the stain is not already firmly attached to the wooden door. 
  4. The door that is used as the main door of the house must get extra protection. We recommend that you recoat with the correct paint material every one or two years to maintain the quality of the teak wood. 
  5. Keep the door away from sharp objects and hard impacts that are prone to scratches or dent

The budget to buy a Gebyok door

Surely many of the readers think that the price of teak wood Gebyok doors is very expensive. However, at Kaliuda Gallery which is famous for its antique furniture in Bali, you can get a Teak Gebyok door like the photo below for only Rp 28,500,000.

In addition to Gebyok doors, at Kaliuda Gallery you can find various furniture & home decorations in Bali. We are one of the best Bali furniture stores and will always give you the best quality and service. If you have any questions or want to ask for a quotation, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Reference: www.bramblefurniture.com

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