Why Do People Buy New Furniture Instead of Used Furniture?

Are you deciding to buy furniture for your house, apartment, or villa? But you have a limited budget so you are confused about buying new furniture or used furniture. So many pros and cons of new furniture and used furniture. However, we recommend that you choose to buy new furniture. Why? Hopefully, this article can help you to choose your furniture.

Why do people buy new furniture instead of used furniture?
1. Guaranteed quality
2. More choices
3. No insect infestation

Buy New Furniture = Guaranteed Quality

220716 - Custom Made Palm Fiber Nightstand, Private Villa, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia by KALIUDA GalleryCustom order furniture for a villa by KALIUDA Gallery

When you chose to buy new furniture, you are guaranteed the best product. There are two main factors that make it easy to get new furniture that is of the highest quality. First, you can visit the best furniture store around you. If you are in Denpasar, Bali, you can visit KALIUDA Gallery. Second, you can choose to order custom. This allows you to choose high-quality materials used to make the pieces.

On the other hand, quality is not guaranteed if you choose to buy second-hand furniture. Although some say that used furniture is better because it has been tested. However, that is not always true. The external look might be appealing, but the materials used to make the interior can be substandard. You will spend more money to repair used furniture that has been damaged.


More choices

Now there are many models and variations of furniture that you can choose from. Of course, according to the theme of your home. Both in offline stores and in online furniture stores, you can find new furniture that suits your taste.

As for used furniture, there won’t be many choices. Because in a secondhand furniture store, it depends on the items sold by the previous owner.


No Insect Infestation

Insect infestation is a concern when buying used furniture. This is because you do not know where the seller got the items. The previous owner might have decided to sell because of insects or another problem.

Therefore, you might be risking an infestation by choosing second-hand furniture. For instance, the insect in the furniture you buy might start spreading to other parts of your home. However, if you find an insect, don’t worry. We will treat your furniture.


New Furniture = Expensive?

In general, ‘expensive’ furniture is made of solid wood. Cheap furniture is made from MDF or HPL which is basically sawdust mixed with glue and covered in a veneer for a “wood-like” finish. Furniture made from MDF will last you for a couple of years at most and will deteriorate over time. Real wood furniture will last you for many years and is much more durable.

Don’t worry if you want new wood furniture at a relatively affordable price, you can visit KALIUDA Gallery. In addition to teak, there is mahogany, flare, ironwood, and so on as the main material for making furniture. We often hold big promotions from normal prices up to 80%. Like what just happened during Indonesia Independence Day. We hold an 80% discount for some furniture choices.

Happy hunting for new furniture!

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