2022 Interior Design Trend

We have gone through 2021 well and one of the most eagerly awaited topics that we will discuss is “2022 Interior Design Trend”. Kaliuda Gallery will tell you several elements that influenced the development of interior design trends in 2022. Let’s throwback a bit to the main trend 2021 where all the people stay and work from home during the pandemic. In our 2021 Interior Design trends article, we mentioned light woods, touches of color, and comfort in nature. 

2022 Interior Design Trend:



As we began to spend more time at home and the bright details in the room starts to annoy us. It’s no wonder that sustainable aesthetics are becoming even more refined. We figure that everyone expects calm and more relaxed vibes and tones. Therefore, neutral palette or natural shades will more likely pop up in 2022. 

Cream Palette Interior - 2022 Interior Design Trend by Kaliuda Gallery Bali

Cream Palette Interior | Source: google.com

We also expected muted contrasts for 2022 interior design trend. Greens in pastels or tinted shades, for instance, A shade of green emerging from your natural base is a good way to add a subtle pop of color. 

Pop of green in a living room - 2022 Interior Design Trend by Kaliuda Gallery Bali

Pop of green in a living room | Source: google.com


We also going to see more rounded and curvy shapes of furniture. Pay attention to tables, lamps, sofas, and cabinets. Almost all designer furniture loses right angles, they are rounded. Even the chairs and stools have a softened body, rather than a rigid, straight structure. The curvy furniture is one that survived the pandemic and stay thrived. Rounded and curvy furniture is also another heirloom from the modern era which keeps making a big comeback. 

Rounded & Curvy Sofa

Rounded & Curvy Sofa | Source: google.com


Minimalism is recognized as the fashionable interior of 2022. We are not talking about complete minimalism, but more about minimal decoration and furniture use. The presence of air and free space is the main requirement for the room.  You can also add a soft palette in beige and gray to help style the room to a more minimalist look. Not only minimalist, but we also hope to see a touch of retro. To help you in the future, check out our article ‘7 top tips on buying antiques’ 

Minimalist Kitchen Design - 2022 Interior Design Trend by Kaliuda Gallery Bali

Minimalist Kitchen Design | Source: google.com

Small details that transport us to that golden age of design are presented both in pieces of furniture and in lamps, coating, or decor. Where we see natural-looking woods, in conclusion, more woods!

Touch of Retro

Touch of Retro | Source: google.com

In the latest interior design trend in 2022, we are also going to see more home gardening. It’s a global trend combined with a micro-trend that emerged under quarantine conditions. Old style furniture has also been mentioned here and there while minimalist already mentioned above. In the old style, the elegance of wood of old-style allows you to create modern and sober environments. Whatever your style, remember that the important thing in interior design is that it adapts to your lifestyle and that reflects your personality. If you’re looking for furniture and home decor for your home, please don’t forget to check out our products and collection. Only in Kaliuda Gallery, you can have high-quality furniture and home decor in Bali with the best one-stop-shopping service. Shop now and save more only at Kaliuda Gallery. 


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