3 Top Tips for Buying Furniture in Bali

In this current pandemic situation, we want to share some tips on buying furniture in Bali and export it to your country. The good news is, it’s still possible to send furniture shipment by cargo. The rest is some tips to find the right shop. 

1. Know what you’re looking for

The most basic thing to do is know what product you’re looking for. Knowing and understanding what kind of item/furniture you want to buy or find clearly will help everything go more smoothly. With that knowledge in advance, you can prepare a couple of things that you need before you set off. Like all the necessary paperwork if you want to bring home heavy items back to your home. Start your online research first and list it. We also recommend reading some forums to find more information.

Know what you're looking for befor you buying furniture in Bali. Make a checklist.
Know what you’re looking for. Make a checklist.

2. Do your research about the reputable shipping company in Bali 

Our number 2 tip is for you to start contacting or email cargo companies that suit your needs. There are plenty of shipping companies operating in Bali. But for the record, here in Kaliuda Gallery, we have worked with some reputable cargo companies. Which we always offer to our customers based on their needs. We also help to arrange the shipment with the cargo so our customers will have everything handled by our team.

Don't worry for shipment to your country. You can count on us to deal with the Cargo.
Shipment for furniture you buy in Bali

3. Shop around the best Bali Furniture

Based on your early research, we assume that you’ve found all the places and shops that you would like to visit in Bali. What we recommend is for you to look around and check for a good price even though it will take some time. In Kaliuda Gallery, we also have a buying agent team that can take you to the best shop that is an expert in their own area. Of course, include the best price that we can offer to meet our customer’s and client’s needs. Also, you want to make sure that the shop already has the COVID-19 health protocol which we already have like in the video below.

We fight Covid-19

Basically, that’s our top 3 tips for you guys who are planning on purchasing some products to be shipped back to your country. Don’t hesitate to shop at Kaliuda Gallery because we also have a new virtual shopping experience that you can get from this. We can custom furniture too, just send us the model and the size.

So, that is the 3 top tips for buying furniture in Bali. Stay safe and see you in the next article. 

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