Guide Before Buying a Bedside Table

In the bedroom, there must be a bed. The presence of a side table for some people maybe just an addition. One of the functions of the bedside table is to organize your space and keep important items close at night. For that, KALIUDA Gallery wants to help those of you who are confused about whether to buy a bedside table for your room.

Guide Before Buying a Bedside Table:
- The first step
- Type of Bedside Table
- What to look for when buying a bedside table?

The first step

But before buying a bedside table, you must determine whether you will buy only 1 piece or a pair. For bedrooms, the type of shared room has a nightstand on each side of a table to cater to the individual storage needs of the sleepers. If you want 2 bedsides in your bedroom, then you have to pay attention to the available space.

Type of Bedside Table

Every furniture store must have many different types and models of bedside tables. Whether it’s the difference in style, color, material, and size, it depends on your needs. Here are some types that you can find at your favorite furniture store:

Bedside Cabinet

ST 20-263 (45x42x50) Side Table 3 Drawers Kaliuda Gallery - Supplier custom teak wood furniture & art online baliST 20-263 (pers) Side Table 3 Drawers Kaliuda Gallery - Supplier custom teak wood furniture & art online bali

If you need more than just a tabletop for your lamps and knick-knacks, a bedside with drawers is a piece you will enjoy in your bedroom. The bedside cabinets are equipped with drawer combinations that give you plenty of storage space. This is a great solution if you need to store more stuff in your room and hide your clutter.

Open-shape Bedside Table

ST 17-173 Teak wood side table white wash at Kaliuda Gallery sebagai supplier dan toko furniture yang menjual mebel jati online di BaliRattan combination Side Table with Glass on top (Pre-Order Solid Teak Wood Furniture Kaliuda Gallery Bali) copyST 19-254 Teak wood shabby side table at Kaliuda Gallery, the best furniture and home decor supplier and manufacturer who sell mebel in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

This nightstand features a tiered design to provide open storage space for your books, bedroom essentials, and other small to medium-sized items. This bedside table has a lightweight frame design that makes the room look wider and less crowded. In addition, a nightstand with 2 open spaces can also be an alternative choice for an open-shape nightstand. If you’re a fan of creative storage, this open bedside table is a great choice for your space.

Pedestal Bedside Table

ST 17-110 Teak wood bedside / side table / nightstand / endtable at Kaliuda Gallery, the best furniture and home decor supplier and manufacturer who sell mebel in Denpasar, Bali, IndonesiaST 21-274 DK (75x46x70) Oval Teak Side Table - Kaliuda Gallery Furniture Stores Bali

Another lightweight piece of furniture to prop up your bed, the pedestal bedside table brings a contemporary appeal to your bedroom with its lightweight design and neutral color options. Some pedestal nightstands lean more towards the traditional side with their wooden build and intricate details.

What to look for when buying a bedside table?

Now you know what type of bedside you want and how many pieces are enough for your bedroom. After that, let’s discuss what considerations are before buying a bedside table or nightstand.

Size of the bedside table

Not all bedside tables are the same. For that, before you buy a nightstand, make sure you have measured the available space in your room. Not only the length and width but the height that fits the height of your bed. The general rule when deciding the size is to look for a piece that is about the same height as the top of your mattress. It’s also important to consider the size of your decors or items when looking for a bedside table to ensure that everything is proportionate.

The material used for the bedside table

In addition to size, it’s a good idea to choose a material that not only looks good with your bed but also with the entire room. When choosing materials, pay attention to style and care. Because some materials are easy to care for, others require more maintenance.

Storage requirements

Do you need a good surface area to keep small items in place, or are you planning to use your bedside table as extra dedicated storage in your bedroom? If you plan to do the latter, opt for a nightstand with drawers and doors. To use your nightstand for medium-sized items, you can upgrade to a dresser or block-style nightstand with more storage to offer. For your lights and alarm clock, you’ll also need to choose a nightstand with enough surface area to keep things organized.

So, have you decided what kind of bedside table to buy? If you are still confused, don’t hesitate to consult with our team. We will provide a free quote and also accept custom orders according to the design you want. You can also see the various bedside models that we have for inspiration.

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