8 Must-Have Furniture For Newlyweds

Happy moments of being newlyweds don’t just happen at weddings or after the wedding bells have rung. A new kind of adventure awaits you: life together in a space you both can call home. One of the main needs of newlyweds at home is furniture. Choosing furniture for the newlyweds can be a lot of fun, but on the other hand, it can also be very inconvenient. Now, before you start browsing, make sure to keep an eye on this must-have furniture for newlyweds.

8 Must-Have Furniture For Newlyweds
1. A Comfortable Bed
2. Wardrobe or Drawer
3. Dining Table for Two
4. A Sofa to Snuggle in
5. TV Buffet with Storage
6. Storage to Keep All Your Possessions
7. Beautiful Art to Pull Things Together
8. Baby Furniture

Must-Have Furniture For Newlyweds #1: A comfortable bed

The bedroom is the basis of your new home. Aside from being an intimate space to share with your spouse, your bedroom is primarily the place for recovering after a hard day’s work. We advise you to choose a bed that is firm and of high quality. A good mattress will last for years, not to mention improve your sleep, and life quality. Don’t forget to prepare a pair of quality pillows to avoid neck strain. And provide at least two sets of bed sheets so you can change them regularly.

Wardrobe or Drawer

BF 20-100b DK (108x51x104 cm) Mint Commoda 3 drawers Kaliuda Gallery - Supplier custom teak wood furniture & art online bali

If you already have a bed, then next is the wardrobe. It is impossible for us to store or just put clothes in the open space. You can choose a tall wardrobe or a dresser drawer with many drawers. If you want a tall wardrobe, make sure it fits the size of the room. A wardrobe that has a mirror will be more suitable for a room that is not too wide because it can give an airy impression. Or if you choose a drawer, besides functioning to store clothes, the top of the dresser drawer can be used as an area to put make-up and decorations.

Dining table for two

The dining table is not only functional but can also serve as a centerpiece and a center for social activities in your home. Try to get a dining table made of high-quality materials such as teak, which will withstand years of use. But don’t just buy an eight-seater dining table if it’s just the two of you and the occasional guest will be around to enjoy it. In fact, a round dining table with a slim base will work best in a smaller first home. A round table can fit into small corners and can also accommodate more people than a rectangular table. For a modern touch, mix and match different styles or colors of dining chairs.

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A sofa to snuggle in

SF 20-55 (185x95x69) Fabric sofa Kaliuda Gallery Bali Jual furniture di Denpasar

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house because this is where everyone can gather in your home. When we think of the living room, the sofa must be the first thing that comes to our mind because the sofa is the main furniture in the living room. If your apartment or living room is too small for a full-size sofa, opt for a two-seater, love seat, or sofa. Still can’t get one of them into your seating area? Try getting some armchairs that aren’t bulky and comfortable in different styles that look good together. Be sure to choose one that is comfortable and has classic lines, so you can take it with you when you finally move to a bigger house.

TV Buffet With Storage

BF 20-81 Low TV buffet Teak Wood - Supplier Indoor Outdoor Furniture, Art, Balinese Home Decor Kaliuda Gallery, toko mebel Denpasar, Bali

Another must-have piece of furniture for newlyweds is a TV table/buffet. It’s incomplete if the house does not have a TV in it. To put your TV, use a TV table that has a large enough storage area. This storage area is very useful for storing things at home so that they are neat especially if the space is limited.

Storage to keep all your possessions

Though this particular furniture might not be as fun to buy as the others, it’s an essential element for every home nonetheless. Without proper storage space, it won’t be long until your beloved new home turns into a huge mess. Instead of getting floor-to-ceiling shelves that are difficult to install, start with versatile modular shelving units that can either stand upright or lie horizontally, depending on the available space. Modular shelves can easily be disassembled and reassembled for use in different rooms at the same time.

Beautiful art to pull things together

Wall decorations such as paintings and photographs are usually the last things to buy for a new home. The consideration is because of its function as a decoration that is not too urgent. However, you can use an empty wall with wall storage shelves as a substitute for wall decoration. A DIY wall hanging you made yourself, or even framed pre-wedding photos of you and your spouse. No matter the size or price, personal touches such as these are the things that will make your home feel like a home, instead of something out of a furniture store catalog.

Baby Furniture

[product id=”7142″]

Most newlyweds certainly have plans to have a baby. It’s a good idea for newlyweds to start preparing to buy baby equipment, especially baby gear that is large and quite expensive, such as a baby crib.

You can also order the eight must-have furniture for newlyweds above according to your needs. KALIUDA Gallery accepts custom orders according to your design, size, color, and even your budget. Happy shopping!

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