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Can’t believe it’s March already, it feels like just yesterday we make the “Inspiration Board – Foyer | Dining Room | TV Room” article. We have prepared our inspiration boards for you with our new arrival collection that you can purchase at Kaliuda Gallery. Let us share with you our inspiration board:

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Inspiration Mood Board - Entrance (door, console table, chair) - Kaliuda Gallery Bali

Inspiration Mood Board – Entrance (door, console table, chair) – Kaliuda Gallery Bali

We think it’s fair to judge a home by its Entrance. Declare your home’s style the moment guests arrive with these thoughtful and practical decorating ideas for entrances. A home’s entrance is the first impression visitors get. So it pays to make it a good one. If you have a large entrance, an armchair and console table is a great way to add to space. Like the inspiration board below, we brightened it up with a magnificent modern gebyok door.

Do you know what a gebyok door is? Want to know more about it? Feel free to read our complete article about gebyok doors here. Also, we add this red root console. Will explain more about the red root console below in the product details why this root console is so special. Last but not least, an entrance would be complete with a chair there. Our “Raja Chair” has the most exclusive carving to complete your entrance with such a daring color and shape. 

Custom Order Modern Gebyok Door - Kaliuda Gallery Bali

Custom Order Modern Gebyok Door (120x5x210 cm) – Kaliuda Gallery Bali

This modern gebyok door was handcrafted by our best artisans. This gebyok door features a unique carving and breathtaking color combination. Perfect for your home entrance which will definitely look luxurious. This door is a one-of-kind type of furniture which you should definitely have. 

[product id=”3387″]

Check out our teak root console selection for the very best in unique and custom-handmade pieces from our furniture selection. Teak root console table is one of our unique furniture collections that have high demand on the market. Kaliuda Gallery is the first pioneer for this colored root console. Check out our root console collection at

[product id=”3838″]

Having this style of chair for your entrance can make some great impressions for your guest. Made from the best teak grade. This bold chair will definitely brighten up your home. 


Inspiration Mood Board - Dining Room (dining table with 4 chairs) - Kaliuda Gallery Bali

Inspiration Mood Board – Dining Room (dining table with 4 chairs) – Kaliuda Gallery Bali

Much like the kitchen, the dining room is the heart of the home. It’s where you enjoy meals and quality time as a family. So it’s only right that you would want a clutter-free space that’s full of style. Ready to have some new inspiration? If you have had enough of neutral walls, embrace a more daring hue. Consider light blue walls like our inspiration board below. This combination of colors embraces a relaxed vibe for your dining room. 

[product id=”4056″]

The best dining table for you will be one that works for your budget, is solidly constructed, fits in your space, and has a style you’ll love for years. In this dining room, this large dining table fits 8 people. This beautiful and colored dining table will always have you smiling during lunch and dinner. Bright finishes make this color dining table from Kaliuda Gallery stand out in a stylish interior. 

[products ids=”4054, 4049, 4052″]

If you don’t have dining chairs already, the most important thing is to make sure the new ones fit at the table. “People used to always buy tables and chairs as sets, but don’t do that as much anymore,” A good dining chair will be sturdy and well-made, with a finish that withstands heavy use. These sets also offer different styles to mix and match for your dining table. 


Inspiration Mood Board - Terrace (bench lesungm gebyok door) - Kaliuda Gallery Bali

Inspiration Mood Board – Terrace (bench lesungm gebyok door) – Kaliuda Gallery Bali

Terrace becomes the central element of a home. The layout of your terrace depends on its size. The larger it is, the more it will be possible to create different spaces such as a dining area, relaxation area, or even an outdoor kitchen. However, avoid too much clutter in small spaces in order to be able to move easily. You can transform your outdoor space starting with the main entrance using our signature gebyok door. You can also put a bench to complete this multifunction space for its maximum use. Finally, optimize the space with hanging shelves to keep all your decorative stuff. 

Gebyok Door - Kaliuda Gallery Bali

Gebyok Door – Kaliuda Gallery Bali | DO 18-14 

A great addition to your stylish and unique terrace. Much like a face of a person. The main door of your home has the very first expression to your guest. This inspiration board can help you to design a modern terrace with a touch of Indonesian culture that will display some good taste and creativity to your home. 

Bench Lesung - Kaliuda Gallery Bali

Bench Lesung – Kaliuda Gallery Bali | BE 19-42 (206x60x75cm)

One of the key elements in the design of a terrace or balcony is the furniture you choose. For most people, furniture is the most important aspect of the design. People will need somewhere to sit. With this Sumbanese Carving bench, your terrace will look aesthetic, and also the material will last longer for outdoor furniture because we only sell the best teak quality in our gallery. 


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